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Jockey Manager

** Version 2 now available **

The Jockey Manager — is the leading application that provides cutting edge technology for Jockeys and Agents, enabling you to increase productivity, save time, reduce costs and maximize opportunities. In no time you will find the speed and efficiency of this program such an asset that it will become the main tool for your booking process. We have assembled a team of computer and time-saving experts to help you save hours on your computing and telephone chores as a Jockey or Agent that is vitally important for you in today’s competitive Racing marketplace. This program will give you the ability to improve and grow your business as a Jockey or Agent to new levels that without doubt, will impress you.

The Jockey Manager — offers you as the valued client unparalleled commitment to personal service and attention. We will be available at all times to help you with any questions you may have and will strive at every level to assist you will any problems or requests. We will treat you as a business partner as well as a technical partner, so we are better able to understand issues at every level, and add value to both the process and the product.

The Jockey Manager — strives for continuous improvement. It is accomplished by learning and practicing several skills aimed at simplifying or improving processes, constantly seeking to add value, and reduce costs to you. My goal with The Jockey Manager is the continuous improvement of our systems, update, products and services, and the development of reliable, flexible, and effective communication with you, the client.

The Jockey Manager — is an exciting, new innovation that once used, you will not be able to manage without. It seeks, organises and reminds. It searches, prints and finds. It highlights, sorts and relays. It saves, types and displays!

Thanks for joining our team and We look forward to a great association with you as a Jockey or Agent, but for now, enjoy the ride…....a Group One ride!

Contact Craig Rixon 0415 256 785

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